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Golf Team Completes Undefeated Season
Maddy Sofer '21 Staff Writer
May 23, 2018

The Deerfield golf team excelled this season, with key players leading the team to a record 15-0. In addition to an undefeated record in duel match play, the team also won the Newport Invitational for the first time since 2014.

“[We had] pretty high expectations because the team last year did well, and everyone on the team worked hard over the summer,” explained Lowell Weil ’18, captain of the team.

Weil has been a key component of the Deerfield golf team since 2015 and was excited to finally take a formal leadership position on the team this year.

Another crucial member for the team is Kimberly Stafford ‘19, who has been a close friend of Weil’s since they were young.

Credit: Harbour Woodward

She spoke to his leadership on the team, saying, “It was really cool for me to see him assume a leadership position on the team. He does a really good job of getting me fired up for our Saturday match-play together in addition to uniting the team both on and off the course.”

Stafford is one of the strongest golfers, the number two seed and the only girl on this co-ed team.

Nonetheless, she states that she doesn’t find it strange that she is the lone female: “Honestly, being the only girl on the team has never really felt that weird. The guys on my team right now are some of my closest friends.”

Apart from Weil, the other seniors on the team are Ben Hirsch ‘18, Connor Mead ‘18, and Bret Pastor ‘18. Coach Brendan Creagh described their leadership, saying “They have each demonstrated an ability to not only focus on their own game but to help the younger athletes deal with the stresses that are unique to golf.”

Newcomer to the team Mat Panikar ‘21 felt that the transition to golfing at Deerfield was made easier by the unique team dynamic.

“I was really nervous in the beginning, but I think everyone has been really great and accepting, and it’s great that everyone gives feedback and instruction without judgement,” Panikar explained.

There is no question that the golf team has had an exceptional season thus far, and this is thanks in part to the incredible team dynamic between these ten athletes. With golf being such a time-consuming sport, the team is very close due to the hours on end they spend together in the van to and from the course.

With strong leadership from the four seniors, outstanding play from the underclassmen, and guidance from Mr. Creagh, Deerfield golf has regained its position as a powerhouse in the New England Prep League.

Having completed the regular-season matches, golf will travel to Kingswood-Oxford for the New England Championship Kingswood Tournament match. With a fantastic season under their belt, the team has no qualms going into the tournament. Best of luck to the golf team!