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90 Seconds W/ Ben Lovejoy
Maggie Tydings '20 Sports Editor
May 23, 2018
Credit: Madeline Lee

For those of you who don’t know, Ben “The Reverend” Lovejoy ‘03 is a professional hockey player. Lovejoy played at Deerfield before continuing his career at Dartmouth and is now making a career out of the sport in the NHL. Lovejoy started his career on the Pittsburgh Penguins; with them, he won the 2016 Stanley Cup. Lovejoy currently resides in New Jersey where he plays for the New Jersey Devils. The Devils made it to the playoffs this season, but their run was cut short by fellow Deerfield alum Alex Killorn ’08 and the Tampa Bay Lightning. We caught up with Lovejoy on the phone to reminisce about his time at Deerfield.

Favorite memory at DA:

Tying Choate in soccer my senior year to make the New England tournament. Even though soccer was not my main sport, it was incredible to see the team reach such amazing heights. We may not have been the most skilled team, but we had a whole lot of heart.

Best moment in the Barn:

I went down before I even went to Deerfield. I was coming to DA the next year, and Deerfield was playing a tournament in the barn. I remember standing on the glass watching the crowd go absolutely bananas and I just couldn’t wait to be a part of it. I was only a young kid, but I knew that this was the school for me.

Favorite feed:

Mr. and Mrs. Creagh’s Ham & Cheese Hot Pockets, for sure.

Favorite Deerfield tradition:

Bagpipes going down to the lacrosse field. I don’t even mean to sound like a jock, they’re just so cool!

Favorite faculty member:

The late, great Mr. Kapteyn. He was such a big influence for me in and out of the classroom.

Favorite class:

Mr. Henry’s junior year English class.