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Say Yes to DA! (Maybe)
Mason Zhao '20 Staff Writer
April 19, 2018

Reasons to Say Yes

School Singing: You might not be the best of singers, or you might lament having a “bad” voice, but singing at Deerfield will remove these doubts and insecurities. Whether you are singing the Deerfield Evensong or the Fight Song, your voice will always fit in.

Dress Code: We’ve all heard it: look smart, feel smart. Come to Deerfield because you’ll feel smart in every class (even if you’re barely passing), and who doesn’t want that stylish and sophisticated look?

Freedom: You’re at a boarding school! It’s your life from here on out, and you’ll have a lot more time to be with friends, or binge watch Netflix. Of course, you have to do your work and you won’t have your mom nagging you about chores.

Cool Merch: Just imagine, a closet full of green clothes! That’s what heaven really looks like. What more could a kid want?

Dessert All Day: Who doesn’t love dessert? At Deerfield, you get dessert pretty much 3 times  a day, except breakfasts but that’s just for health issues (but coffee cake counts right?). You won’t ever need to worry about satisfying your sweet tooth because you get dessert with every lunch and dinner, and if sweets aren’t your thing, there is always fruit too!

Birthdays: When that special day comes along, you know that all of your friends will come and sing to you at lunch. You’ll absolutely love it! Just try not to fall off your chair.

Credit: Ines Bu

Reasons to Say No

Fortnite Addiction: Our campus has seen a large increase in Fortnite players. If you’re easily addicted to games, then you might need to consider other schools, but if you can play Fortnite in moderation, then Deerfield is the school for you.

The Patriots: Where are my Cowboy fans at? When February rolls around the corner, and the Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl yet again, you can expect to find Patriot fans everywhere around campus.

Campus Size: When you live in a 330-acre campus, you should expect some long walks. Especially if you live in the Village, walking to the the Lower Fields will take a long time.

The Middle of Nowhere: Living in the middle of a valley in Western Massachusetts means that you’re pretty far from big cities like Boston and NYC. The drive can take as long as four hours, so you should anticipate some serious car jam sessions.

New England Weather: One day it might be sunny, but before you know it there might be a snowstorm on its way. It rains and snows often, so if you can’t live without a full year of sunshine, Deerfield might not be the place for you.

Absurd Talent: You’re coming to one of the most prestigious schools out there, so of course there’s going to be competition. But take on the challenge! Competition is what helps you grow, and being in an environment where those around you are so smart and talented inspires you to do even better.