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The Deerfield Players Tribune
Annie Kane '20 Staff Writer
February 28, 2018

For many, sports are a large part of the Deerfield experience. From Choate Day to locker room huddles to shouting “aga-chi” in the stands, everyone can feel the spirit that surrounds Deerfield athletics. We asked seniors to reflect on their experiences playing their winter sport.

Colman Shea ’18: Varsity Boys Basketball

What has been your favorite moment from your Deerfield Career?

“My favorite moment from my Deerfield career is when my basketball team beat Choate my sophomore year. Although I only played for a couple of minutes, watching my team secure the most important win after a difficult season was awesome. There was a special group on the court, and there was a special group in the bleachers cheering us on in 2016, the group that ‘brought it back.’ I wouldn’t change a thing about that season because all of the adversity was worth it when we became a brotherhood and beat Choate.”

Colman Shea ’18, Bailey Smith ’18, Henry Hayden ’18, and Brenna Hoar ’18 playing their respective varsity sports this winter.
Credit: Jeff Brown, Maggie Tydings, Deerfield Academy

Bailey Smith ’18: Varsity Girls Swimming and Diving

How has your sport affected you and your high school experience?

“Swimming at Deerfield has given me a family. It was not the sport that changed my life in high school, but the people I came into contact with over the years. The groups of girls I’ve had the honor and opportunity to be a part of since my freshman year have always been my support system. Also, swimming may be an individual sport from an observer, but we are a true team and we depend on each just as much as any other sport. The Deerfield girls varsity swim and dive team made me a better person, leader, and friend. Without this sport, I would never have this team, and without this team, Deerfield would not be as special for me as it was for the past four years.”

Henry Hayden ’18: Varsity Wrestling

What has been your favorite moment from your Deerfield Career?

“My favorite moment of my wrestling career was winning my first Class A Championship title. Having not been a serious wrestler for my first two years at Deerfield, it meant a lot to see my hard work pay off. Most importantly, however, it was really special to have a team that believed in me, and with whom I could share my success.”

Brenna Hoar ’18: Varsity Girls Hockey

How has being a senior on a varsity team impacted your Deerfield Athletic experience?

“Being a senior is hanging on to every little moment with the team, the best of times and the worst of times, I wouldn’t change any of it. Playing sports pushed me to work harder in the classroom, knowing that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be allowed to play and I’d lose the highlight of all my days – practicing, competing, winning with the team. I have two favorite games of my entire Deerfield career. First, hockey season junior year beating Williston 3-0 during the last game in the barn. Second, soccer season senior year beating Choate with fans lining the sidelines. Both games, we were the underdog by a ton, but we worked harder and had way more heart.”