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Letter from the Editors
Kevin Chen '18 and Jillian Carrol '18 Editors-in-Chief
February 28, 2018

Dear Reader,

This marks the last issue for the Scroll board, vol. XCII! After seven cycles of passionate meetings, long nights of layout week, and the pressure of deadlines and headlines, the Scroll has become an integral part of our lives. It seems almost too soon to say farewell, but we are proud of what we have accomplished since last April. We let articles flow from the front page onto an additional News page, allowing us both to report on a greater number of topics relevant to the Deerfield community and to address those topics in much greater detail. We also added a Buzz page, which served as a platform for some more light-hearted content and revived our beloved Margo, Rita, and Curtis advice column.

Perhaps more importantly, we are proud of the wide variety of topics that we have covered over the past year, such as race, mental health, and gender inequality. Though these issues may be uncomfortable or difficult to discuss, we firmly believe that it is important for our community to be exposed to a variety of perspectives and opinions. Even though we may disagree with each other, we must be willing to respect and learn from those differences rather than limiting ourselves to what we are comfortable and familiar with.

Of course, we most certainly would not have been able to accomplish all this on our own. We would like to thank our fellow editors Kiana Rawji, Sarah Jane O’Connor, Uwa Ede-Osifo, Maya Hart, Doris Zhang, Alli Norris, Roopa Venkatraman, Claire Zhang, Ines Bu, and Simon Lam for their tireless dedication to the Scroll. We also thank Perry Hamm and her board for training us and for providing us the space to grow as editors and writers.

We thank Mrs. Schloat and Ms. Gonzales for guiding us through our positions and pushing us to accomplish more than we thought possible. Their endless support not only encouraged us during restless layout weeks, but also challenged us to delve deeper in our reporting.

We are delighted to announce that the next editors-in-chief of the Scroll will be Joshua Fang and Orlee Marini-Rapoport. It has been a pleasure to work with the both of them, and see them grow during their time at the Scroll. Orlee, Josh and their board have been shadowing our board these past few weeks, and they have been doing an incredible job. In fact, the incoming board was largely responsible for laying out this very issue. They all bring such commitment and enthusiasm to the newsroom, and we are so excited to see what they will accomplish over the next year. We thank Josh and Orlee for all their hard work so far, and we wish them the very best of luck for the future.

And of course, we extend our deep gratitude to you, the reader, without whom the Scroll would have no purpose. We are most proud to be members of the great Class of 2018 and to call Deerfield our home.

All the best,

Kevin and Jillian