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Margo Rita & Curtis
Margo Rita & Curtis Columnists
January 24, 2018

Dear Margo, Rita, and Curtis,

I know everyone talks about how fun winter is, and admittedly, it hasn’t been that bad. But, sometimes, I find myself just wanting to remain in the warmth of my dorm, as it is so gloomy and chilly outside. How can I get through these winter blues?




Cred: Claire Zhang

Dear warmgirl22,

As the first order of business, let me welcome you to January in Western Massachusetts! Winter here at the Academy is often equated to life in Antarctica — cold, dark, and even colder. I’m sure you’ve heard it said a million times before, but winters here can be hard. It’s not a secret. Sometimes, staying in your dorm room on a chilly day is the right move to make. But I come to you, my friend, with great news! You will survive it! No matter what anyone says, the snow will eventually melt, your toes will eventually defrost, and soon we will all be complaining that we are too hot.

My biggest winter term survival tip is to heed the words of Henry Ward Beecher: “The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” Now THAT is something to snap to, people! Consider this our collective mantra of winter 2018. This January is all about appreciating the little and perhaps common things that will keep us all going. Here is my own personal list of things that make me happy in the winter:

The way my shoes don’t fit because I have to layer on so many pairs of socks just to walk outside

Watching funny movies under four blankets

Testing how far I can finesse dress code before I get called out

Bringing joy and laughter to my peers when I inevitably slip on the dining hall stairs and face plant into the snow

The delicious taste of an Emergen-C spritzer that helps me beat a cold

Watching Christmas movies after it is still socially acceptable and seeing how irrationally angry it makes people

Make your own list of things that make you happy in the winter, and always remember to see things positively. Stay warm out there kids!

Keep on keepin’ on,

Margo, Rita, and Curtis 🙂

P.S. Remember this: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. That means that if you vow to put fashion concerns aside and dress for warmth, you will be warm. What I recommend: 2 pairs of socks — one normal pair under one fuzzy pair — leggings or long johns under your pants, minimum of 4 layers on top (shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, and jacket), and anything that will make it so that only your eyes are visible.