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Artist of the Issue: Mim Pomerantz ’18
Fatima Rashid '19 Associate Editor
January 24, 2018

Term after term, the Theater Department presents plays or musicals that leave the entire community asking for more, and Mim Pomerantz ’18 has taken part in every production since her 9th grade year. She grew up in a household with actors and a strong dedication to the art. She credited her father, who acted in high school and college, for igniting her interest in the art from an early age. Pomerantz began her acting journey in middle school, recalling that she had been inspired by theater programs that would visit her elementary school to put on plays, including Shakespeare.

Of all Deerfield productions she has participated in so far, Pomerantz stated that her favorite was You Can’t Take It with You, in which she performed during this past fall. She explained, “It was really awesome to get to be a part of that since it was a really great cast with a lot of chemistry. We just had a lot of fun putting that show on.”

Credit: Sophia Do
Mim Pomerantz ’18 prepares for her role in the fall 2016 play, Museum.

Pomerantz radiates a sense of self-awareness and confidence on stage that has grown throughout her years. Theater Director Catriona Hynds said, “She is what I call a ‘slow burn’ actor, meaning that she is thoughtful and takes time to approach her characters from a number of perspectives. Once she is happy with her work, she is capable of letting loose on stage and she has considerable stage presence with a fabulous clear voice.”

Having worked with Pomerantz on many productions, Maddie Wasson ’18 observed, “Mim is really great at buying into her roles. Right now she’s doing an incredible job with her part in Big Love. No one will want to miss watching her perform!”

Pomerantz plans to continue acting after Deerfield, though she is not planning to study it. “I would like to stretch myself as an actress in the future, since I’ve only done comedy at Deerfield so far,” she explained.

As she departs and continues her acting journey at Wesleyan University this upcoming fall, Pomerantz expressed that she is interested in participating in more serious roles as she departs Deerfield. Open to new experiences and despite her self-proclaimed lack of singing ability, she stated that her dream production is Les Misérables.

A “dedicated and conscientious” actress, as Mrs. Hynds described, Pomerantz departs with the following words of wisdom that ring true to her journey of growth: “Just go for it. Theater, especially at Deerfield, is a very supportive environment. Something that I wish I had done sooner was throwing myself into it and not being worried or self-conscious about anything because it’s so much more rewarding when you can just take risks and roll with it. I think that’s when the best acting is done.”