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Meet Matt and Ronnie!
Maggie Tydings '20 Staff Writer
October 25, 2017

As the Athletic Center undergoes renovation, the Athletic Center staff obtained some new additions this year as well: Mr. Matt Gallegly and Mr. Ronnie Tamburro.

Mr. Gallegly came in as an intern in the athletic trainer’s office and is currently studying sports medicine. Despite this being his first job as a certified athletic trainer, he has already impacted  many students on campus. He helps students and faculty every day with injuries ranging from sprained ankles to concussions.

Credit: Sofia Novak
On the left, Mr. Ronnie Tamburro helps spot a student while benching. On the right, Mr. Matt Gallegly tends to a student with a hurt knee.

Mr. Gallegly described his transition so far as “very smooth,” which he attributed to the kindness of the students, faculty, and staff.

“I feel right at home even though I’m not from the area, for which I’m very thankful,” said Mr. Gallegly.

Currently battling shin splints, Bailey Cheetham ’19 works with Mr. Gallegly to recover as fast as possible. Within Mr. Gallegly’s first few weeks on campus, he already implemented a new stretch for shin splints that reaches the tightest area on the side of the calf to help Cheetham and many other DA athletes who deal with shin splints.

Cheetham said, “Mr. Gallegly is the absolute best. He already has helped me out with so much and always has a smile on his face.”

Mr. Tamburro came to Deerfield from an internship at the Fairfield University athletic program. He started off his first year at Deerfield as assistant strength and conditioning coach, and he has already garnered a reputation around campus for an energetic disposition and grueling workout plans. Mr. Tamburro’s office is on the second floor of the Fitness Center, and he is ready to help anyone get in shape.

The first team he worked with was girls varsity field hockey. He noticed that the girls “truly have exceeded all expectations and continue to shatter the new ones I place on them each and every week to better themselves.” The girls have noticed how Mr. Tamburro’s efforts have helped them.

Captain Meghan O’Brien ’18 commented, “Ronnie does a good job at making us quicker. He focuses on footwork, so we are getting the conditioning we need but also the agility. He makes hard work fun.”

Julia Placek ’20 noted, “He works well with the circumstances he is given and pushes us really hard.”

When working with Deerfield students, Mr. Tamburro draws off of his collegiate experience. When compared to his work in college, Mr. Tamburro said, “Deerfield students trust you to help them to succeed and that is all I could ever ask of them: to succeed and let me learn from them as much as they can learn from me. Because after all, Deerfield Academy really does have great students.”

Welcome, Mr. Gallegly and Mr. Tamburro!