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Letter From the Editors
Kevin Chen '18, Jillian Carroll '18 Editors in Chief
October 25, 2017

Dear Reader,

This has been a tumultuous time in both our community and the greater community that surrounds us. As a publication that seeks to shed light on the diverse opinions of the student body, we feel that it is important to reflect this diversity of thought in the topics and issues we choose to cover in each edition of the Scroll.

In this issue, our board decided to address the hate that has plagued our community this school year. We agree with Ms. Creagh that Deerfield must do better, and we hope that through our board editorial, we help her drive this initiative. It is a tremendous privilege to be at Deerfield, where we receive such excellent instruction in academics, sports, and the arts. We must always be sure to use the privileges and freedoms we have to make the world a better place for everyone, and we must make sure that all members of this community feel equal and welcomed.

Fellow seniors, as Dr. Curtis says at the end of every School Meeting, let’s “lead the way.” We must work to set an example for our younger peers and make sure that the sense of community that we pride ourselves on is truly shared by everyone. We only have one year left at Deerfield, so we must be sure to leave a positive legacy.

We urge all members of this community to recognize and stop hatred at its source. Buy in to the inclusion exercises and practices meant to help us learn and grow. Have difficult conversations with your peers. But most importantly, always speak up when you hear or see something you know is not right.

All the best,

Kevin and Jillian