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Introducing Faculty Dogs!
Fatima Rashid '19 Associate Editor
October 25, 2017

Snowy is a laid-back, fluffy English golden retriever who belongs to the Cullinane household. He will be 6 years old on July 13. This adventurous individual is in a stable relationship with Daisy Lareau. They enjoy going on walks and spending hot spring days together. Snowy’s love for the Cullinanes runs deep. In fact, when he swims in the river with the family, he walks on two legs in the river and dives under the water with the entire family. However, his favorite activity is sprinting up and down the hallway with his dad, Science Teacher Mr. Dennis Cullinane.

Daisy is an adventurous 2-year-old labradoodle whose soul belongs to the West Coast. College Advisor Amy Lareau adopted her in Colorado in May of 2014. Affectionate, energetic, and kind-hearted, Daisy enjoys hiking and chasing a laser pointer. If she’s not hiking or chasing a red dot, you can find Daisy strutting down Albany Road in a semi-twerking manner. Relationship status? She’s in a committed relationship with the dashing Snowy Cullinane.

Brody was born in Kansas. As a puppy he lived at a shelter, and was at risk for being put down after not being adopted for several months. He was rescued by a no-kill shelter in Minneapolis called Homeward Bound and lived there until he was one year old. He was then adopted by the O’Neil-Evans family, whose love for him knows no bounds. Brody is passionate about food, loves walks in the woods, and treasures his raggedy stuffed brown bear.