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How to do Fall Right 101
Annie Ilsley '18 Staff Writer
October 25, 2017

October may signal that it is time to start pulling out your thick sweaters and boots, but don’t miss out on everything that fall at Deerfield has to offer! Soon, it will be cold enough that even the walk from the dorm to the dining hall will be unimaginable, so remember to squeeze out every last drop of the season.   

You can start bracing yourself for the winter by spending as much time outside as possible: go on a day trip to Clarkdale Farms. You definitely won’t regret it. Everyone can agree there is nothing better to get you in the fall ~mood~ than apple picking with a cider doughnut in hand.

Credit: Amelia Chen

If you can’t make it that far off campus, make sure to take a hike to the Rock. Fall weather is perfect for hiking, and if there’s one thing we should appreciate more about the location of our school, it’s the leaves in fall. The best spot to see them in all of their glory is the Rock.

Speaking of getting in the fall mood, some of the best holidays such as Halloween are right around the corner, and Deerfield makes sure to do them right. If you haven’t ordered a costume yet, take a few minutes to make one! If you don’t have time, go ahead and utilize the absolute lifesaver that is Amazon Prime two-day shipping, but don’t take the risk and added stress of ordering on October 29.

While Scream on the Green was  last weekend, to keep up with the October spirit, grab some popcorn and candy from the Greer and settle in for a Halloween themed movie-night with friends this weekend. Netflix has countless horror movies (or The Nightmare Before Christmas, if that’s more your speed) to watch before Halloween. Yes, you may regret your movie choice trying to fall asleep that night, but rest assured that Poc is the only dorm where there have been confirmed ghost sightings.

Make sure to check certain things off your fall to-do list before it’s too late. Swim in the river, walk the small loop, or go watch a fall game as the season draws to a close. Of course, the best thing to accompany you on the sideline of said game is a warm pumpkin muffin and a hot drink from the Greer.  It’s officially the time of year when everything is seasonally themed, but trust me, the best way to handle the overload of pumpkin spice is simple: embrace it. You can get apple cider and doughnuts from the farm stand across the street, mini pumpkins to decorate your room, and fall-themed candy from Richardson’s; the possibilities are endless!

Possibly the most anticipated event of fall, Choate Day is coming up on November 11, and brings the fall to a close at Deerfield. Break out your green and white gear and buy into school spirit throughout the whole week. Make sure to practice your battle cry in the mirror, and new students especially should all make sure they know how to spell victory. On Saturday, head down to the courts, the pool, and the fields and enjoy the food trucks, the games, and the tradition that brings together everyone who bleeds green!