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Margo Rita & Curtis
Margo Rita & Curtis Columnists
September 13, 2017

Hi Margo, Rita, and Curtis,

I’m so excited for the upcoming year at Deerfield!! But, I am nervous about things I still don’t know. For example, last week I walked on senior grass and I was so embarrassed when people started calling out for me to get off the grass. Please help so I can avoid moments like this!




Dear confused2021,

Welcome to the valley! Whether this is your first go at life at the Academy or maybe your fourth, the fall is always an exciting time to be here in Western Mass. The sweet smell of farmlands in the morning will never get old. Each school year brings new challenges and nerves. In an attempt to ease your September jitters, I present to you: the Deerfield Commandments. Follow these and I guarantee you will be halfway to success around here. 🙂

Always watch where you walk. This is a life or death type tip, so I recommend a pen and paper for this one. Unless you are a 2018-er, the lawn in front of the MSB is a no fly zone. It’s called “Senior Grass” for a reason. We’ve all taken our turn freezing our butts off in the winter having to walk around the grass, and frostbite is a right of passage.

The second area you must never walk on (and this goes for all) is the Deerfield seal in the Athletic Center. I have eyes everywhere…If you do, I’ll know.

Speaking of the seal, protect it like it’s your newborn child. With Choate Day approaching on our turf this year, our seal becomes increasingly vulnerable to the soles of the Choaties’ feet. As as we all know, disrespecting the seal is like disrespecting the work of Beyoncé. It’s just unacceptable.

This tip might be the most important: Respect the people who work around campus. As a school we are lucky enough to have kind and dedicated staff members who look out for the student body’s best interest. Learn their names, and thank them often. Without these people, not only would we never have grilled CCs again, but our school would physically not be able to function.

Things for good luck: When you walk past the green D, give it a tap. Same goes for the horse’s head on Albany Road.

Greer nights are an essential to Deerfield life, especially in the fall. Show up (you too, villagers!), meet new people, buy a cup of ice and a pack of gum, and have fun.

Ah, dances. A scene resembling an angry mob of animals at the zoo. Go to as many as you physically can, and dance like nobody’s watching. Dance like Napoleon Dynamite at the talent show.

For new kids, possibly your best teachers will be kids older than you, or sometimes even younger than you. Never hesitate to ask people for advice, or help. We’ve all been new at some point, and we know it takes a village to raise a Deerfield student. It’s going to be an amazing year. Make the most of the beautiful weather while you can. #DOITB18 and Beat Choate.

Keep on keepin on,

Margo, Rita, and Curtis