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Letter from the Editors
Kevin Chen '18, Jillian Carroll '18 Editors-in-Chief
April 26, 2017

Dear Reader,

First of all, we would like thank Perry Hamm and the rest of the Scroll editorial board, vol. XCI, for their endless support and guidance. Without their hard work and dedication, the caliber of The Scroll would be nowhere near where it is today. Of course, we would also like to thank you, the readers, who give purpose and meaning to this paper.

Our mission is twofold: we aim to provide you with accurate and relevant content and to promote honest and open dialogue in the Deerfield community. With this mission in mind, we have added two new pages to The Scroll: News and Buzz. Rather than squeezing in full news stories on the front page, the dedicated News page allows us to cover more news in greater depth. This extra space also allows us to conduct investigative journalism, such as this issue’s investigation on the amount of privacy we have over Deerfield Wi-Fi networks. The Buzz page is more light-hearted and serves as a space to highlight topics that are unique to the Deerfield community. On this page, we have also revived the humorous “Margo, Rita, and Curtis” column. While it is certainly important to discuss serious topics, we hope that the Buzz page will provide more balance to the paper and also serve as a reminder that even in a dark and unforgiving world, there is always a little bit of magic that we can find in our daily lives.

We also recognize that a wide variety of viewpoints exist at this school. We seek not to prescribe a certain ideology, but rather to provide a welcoming platform for all of us to celebrate our differences and expand each other’s horizons. To this end, we encourage all members of the community who are passionate about an issue to write op-eds for The Scroll, and we also welcome letters to the editor in response to published content.

We hope that we, the collective Deerfield community, will feel free to discuss important issues in an open, honest, and non-judgmental manner. We hope that we will feel free to disagree with each other in an academic and respectful manner, knowing that we can attack each other’s ideas without attacking each other.

All the best,

Kevin Chen and Jillian Carroll