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Artist of the Issue: Lucy Binswanger ’17
Claire Quan '20 Staff Writer
April 26, 2017

An aficionado of the performing arts, Lucy Binswanger ’17 is an artist whose talent spans the three mediums of dance, theater, and music. Her passion for the arts began at a young age.

Binswanger recalled, “I used to write and perform skits with cousins and other members of my family. Once, I was a prince who said ‘Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!’ and instead [my cousin] threw spaghetti at my face.” She credits a substantial amount of her success to her family, stating, “They’ve been so incredibly encouraging and supportive throughout [my journey].”

Cred: Ines Bu
Binswanger performing Starboy by The Weekend at the winter 2017 KFC.

A star in both Cabaret and Pinkalicious, Binswanger is also head of the Comedy Club and currently participates in the theater co-curricular. She described Cabaret as “one of the most amazing experiences of [her] life.” The show, a Broadway musical set in the Kit Kat Klub during the 1930s, was a production that garnered school-wide attention and acclaim. Director of Theater Ms. Catriona Hynds recounted that “Cabaret was a phenomenal production and collaboration between three different programs [dance, theater, and music].” Ms. Hynds then added, “Lucy is so confident and positive every time she walks into the room it instantly uplifts [everyone’s] mood.”

“It was such a rush to see all those people in the audience,” said Binswanger. “I love when something dramatic happens and you hear the audience go ‘Ooh.’ You can just hear them having a reaction.”

One of the challenges Binswanger has faced as an actress was learning how to immerse herself into her character. “It’s weird to think about all the tiny details that are particular to your character,” stated Binswanger. “For example, suddenly I have to consider how I walk, how I sit down, [and] how I open a door.”

She articulated that there is something “terrifying yet fun” about inhabiting a character. She particularly enjoys method acting, a theater technique in which the actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part. According to Binswanger, becoming a character is one of the most fulfilling aspects of acting.

Binswanger is also an avid participant in both the music and dance programs. She is a member of Deerfield’s all-female a cappella group, the Rhapso-D’s, as well as a hip-hop choreographer for the upcoming Spring Dance Showcase. An interest in the visual arts led her to videography and photography as well. Binswanger said, “I think the connecting link between all of these activities is their ability to form a personal connection [with the audience]. Performance art is so cool because everyone has such different reactions to it, and I want to hear all these opinions.”

Binswanger, a triple threat in the performing arts program, has confidence that she will continue all three activities as she begins college. She remarked, “Just having so many ways to channel ideas really helps me not to go crazy.”