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To Those Who Support Trump’s Muslim Ban
Saher Al-Khamash '17 Contributing Writer
February 24, 2017

Islam probably looks violent, barbaric, and dangerous to you. So why would you want more Muslims in America? You find assurance and strength in Trump’s executive order. There are unknown dangers abroad.Our citizens must be kept safe. With a country still latched to the attacks of September 11th, with anti-terrorism as a main platform for most politicians, and a media that sensationalizes terrorist attacks, a fear of terrorism is not surprising.

However, closing our nation’s borders to tens of millions of Arabs who have no correlation to known terrorism reflects an illogical and caustic state of fear, and thus an unhelpful response to the terrorist crises both foreign and domestic. The public would be better off taking a stand against vehicular accidents, gun violence, alcohol or tobacco, as these things take more American lives and present every day a greater threat to us than Islamic terror.

Credit: Claire Zhang

In reality, we disproportionately focus on terrorism and support a ban that solves a problem that does not exist. Instead the ban inhibits refugees from finding safety and fulfilling basic needs, perpetuating their suffering, disregarding their struggle to escape violence, and consolidating their hopelessness.

While the ban mitigates your irrational worries, it intensifies the nightmare in which refugees live. Middle Eastern refugees are fleeing the daily terrorist attacks in their homeland; some, risking their lives and their children’s at sea in doing so. They are willing to enter a foreign land with a foreign tongue and endure prejudice for the simple reason of survival.

So, to those who support Trump’s Muslim Ban, I understand you are afraid, but please understand the fears and risks of refugees are much more real, rational, and palpable than yours.