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Peeking Behind the Curtain at Pinkalicious
Kevin Chen '17 Associate Editor
February 24, 2017

On February 24 and 25, the Deerfield Academy theater program will present the children’s musical Pinkalicious in three performances. The cast and crew has performed at Newton School on February 15, a YMCA on February 22 and will soon perform at Greenfield Elementary on March 1. This August, they will perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland, the largest arts festival in the world.

“It is a great honor that we have been chosen to represent this school and this country on an international stage,” said Mrs. Catriona Hynds, the director of the musical. “…[Touring and outreach work] really makes them think about how the play educates beyond just the performance.”

Credit: Ines Bu

Mrs. Hynds gave  significant consideration to selecting which musical to perform. “Since we are bringing the performance to the Edinburgh festival, I wanted a musical with a name recognition… [and] something with a real quality musical score… Even though it is a children’s musical, Pinkalicious is about stereotypes, family dynamics, and living your life in a balanced way,” she explained.

“We have some really great talent here at Deerfield Academy, and Lucy Binswanger rocks,” Mrs. Hynds remarked. “They’ve worked really hard, and I am proud of the professionalism that everyone brings into the rehearsal room.”

In addition to the cast, numerous other Deerfield students worked hard behind-the-scenes to help put the musical together.

Assistant director Kaycie Sweeney ’17 worked with Mrs. Hynds, theater coach Ms. Robinson, and Mr. Hynds to deconstruct text, create the blocking (organizing the actors’ positions and movements on stage), and help the actors to better connect with the characters.

“Every day, rehearsals are an instant pick-me-up to my day, and I love working with my peers on a project that we are all very passionate about,” Sweeney said.

As the stage manager, Suzy Mazur ’18 was responsible for keeping track of all the actors, props, sound cues, light cues, blocking, and scheduling. “I have really enjoyed all of the organizational, management, and logistical details that go into producing a show,” Mazur explained. “Seeing the show come together is very rewarding.”

As the dance captain, Amelia Evans ’18 choreographed the large dance numbers. “I enjoy the fact that… I am a member of the creation team this time,” she said. “Instead of choreographing for the dance showcase, where I try to incorporate advanced choreography, the movement I chose for this production was purely for the enjoyment of the children.”

Maddy Beaubien ’19 designed the set for the play. Since the set had to be moveable to the Edinburgh festival, she designed three backdrops made of fabric. “I really enjoy the freedom I had in my job,” she remarked. “I went home and just drew up what I thought would be best. I had so much control over it, and it was very relaxed.”

Mia Silberstein ’20 was a member of the tech crew and did the lighting for the play. As such, she was in charge of setting up the equipment, installing and learning how to operate and program the new board, and running the lights when the production goes to Edinburgh.

“I definitely enjoy the sense of community that comes with being a part of the tech crew. In many ways, much like any sports team, we are a family,” Silberstein said.

There are many ways for Deerfield students to get involved in the theater program. Mrs. Hynds explained, “Theater is a co-curricular that welcomes all levels of experience, and I would encourage anyone who is looking for an opportunity to audition.”