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Letter From the Editor
Perry Hamm '17 Editor-In-Chief
February 24, 2017

Dear Reader,

This is it! Seven issues later, and my time as Editor-In-Chief is finally over. It really is hard to believe that I am writing these words, as it feels so recent that I watched Bella write her version of this letter one year ago. My time as Editor-In-Chief has been undoubtedly challenging, but — and perhaps consequently — immensely formative. More than anything, the experience has been rewarding. After weeks of writing, editing, and laying out each page, there is nothing quite as fulfilling as the tangible result of a newspaper issue. My wish is that every Deerfield student has found some experience in their time here as gratifying as mine with The Scroll has been.

Of course, I couldn’t have done my job without many others doing theirs. I thank Nia Goodridge endlessly for questioning me in ways that allowed me to see the bigger picture, and for her reserved leadership that fostered balance in The Scroll room. I also have Ethan Thayumanavan, Kiana Rawji, Karen Tai, Richard Park, and Liam Jeon to thank for their dedication and effort. Each one of us is remarkably different, and yet we worked cohesively and appreciated each others’ efforts.

Mrs. Schloat, who has been with The Scroll as long as I have and longer, has let me run with so many ideas that many others would simply have never entertained. I thank her for trusting me and for simultaneously encouraging me to think outside the box. Ms. Gonzales, who joined The Scroll again this year as an advisor, after being Editor-In-Chief during her senior year at DA, brought valuable lessons from her time in my position. I am thankful I had the two of them to guide, teach, and challenge me.

I am incredibly excited to announce that next year’s Editors-In-Chief will be Kevin Chen and Jillian Carroll. We decided that this year, two Editors-In-Chief made more sense than an Editor-In-Chief and a Managing Editor. I am grateful to Kevin and Jillian for their commitments to The Scroll during their time at Deerfield, and I know they will continue to do great things as they take on their new roles. I am looking forward to watching the two of them put their ideas into action, and to witnessing the thoughtfulness and purpose with which they will lead.

As Jillian and Kevin step into their positions, and the new board navigates its responsibilities, I, along with the other seniors on the board, will step down and serve as mentors for the first half of the Spring term, and then hand the reigns to them in May while we enjoy all that Deerfield has to offer in our last few weeks. Seniors, cherish your last days — graduation is around the corner. Even if your Deerfield experience was challenging, commit yourself now to appreciating what this place can offer. I am lucky that my experience with The Scroll was one that is closing out my time here, and that I will forever be a part of a class that made Deerfield what it is today.

All the best,

Perry Hamm