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Letter From the Editor
Perry Hamm '17 Editor-In-Chief
November 16, 2016

Dear Reader,

As the school year of 2015-16 drew to a close, I became increasingly concerned about the prospect of a Deerfield without its beloved seniors. I worried that, with the loss of a class that did all they could to “bring it back,” our spirit would suffer. I worried that we might become less supportive, less lively, less rowdy. I worried the green and white would fade.

Now, as the end of that anticipated year’s fall term is on the horizon, I feel both relief and excitement that my pessimism from last spring was unfounded, that Deerfield has not lost the spark it gained last year. Some specific moments in the last week have enabled me to feel this way about our campus in this moment.

On Sunday, November 8th, with three friends in stride, I made my way down Old Main Street to the O’Donnell’s House for the Albany Road Coffeehouse. As I opened the door, I immediately saw upwards of 45 pairs of shoes strewn across the foyer floor; this event was more attended than I would have ever imagined. Every room of Nims house rang with music and poetry. The house was so crowded that I could hardly walk around without bumping into my peers.

I sat in the O’Donnell’s living room for an hour, listening to songs, spoken word poetry, and prose. As an audience, we listened, but also participated, singing along together, and laughing at and snapping to the written works of fellow students. I was shocked to see people I never would have expected to even show up, laughing and listening intently to the art around them. It was a Deerfield moment I’ll always remember, and one that solidified my belief that this year’s school spirit will surely compare to last year’s, if not surpass it.

In the heat of Choate Week, I spent a large portion of my Tuesday morning frying up bacon outside the Hess with a group of seniors, cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders alike. It’s the little things like this and the Coffeehouse that have already made this year so memorable.

I hope our community will continue to bring this spirit to games, arts productions and presentations, and relationships with others. With that said, we still have a lot of year ahead of us. Let’s bring this spirit with us. Hold onto it. Congratulations on finishing up strong.

All the best,
Perry Hamm