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We’re With Her
The Editorial Board
October 12, 2016

On January 20th, 2017, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be sworn in as the president of the United States. The 2016 presidential election has reached a point where no other options exist, and US citizens must accept that in less than a month, we will either elect a former First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State, or a businessman, beauty pageant owner, and former reality TV show host.

As the election draws closer, all US citizens must ask themselves: who will best represent my interests for the next four years?

Credit: Valerie Ma
Credit: Valerie Ma

Deerfield Academy prides itself on being “a vibrant, ethical community that embraces diversity.” Deerfield is constantly striving to improve, to become more accepting and understanding of the essential differences that create this inspiring place so many of us call home. In order for Deerfield to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion, we must choose a president who does the same.

<i>The Scroll<i> Editorial Board fervently believes that Hillary Clinton should be elected as the next president of the United States. Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, frequent racist comments, and lack of political experience and knowledge makes him simply unfit for the presidency. Clinton is an incredibly experienced public servant with the skills and focus needed to face the inevitable challenges of being president. Regardless of her opponent’s inadequacy, Clinton is supremely prepared to lead the United States for the next four years.

Although she is far from perfect, Clinton has the necessary social awareness and leadership abilities to lead a currently divided nation. She is firmly pro-choice, supports LGBTQ+ rights, and is a long-time champion of feminism and women’s rights. Because of the current vacancy on the Supreme Court, the next president’s nominee will shape how these key issues develop in years to come. While her opponent plans to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the US and build a southern border wall, Clinton promotes comprehensive immigration reform and protections for millions of immigrants currently in the US from threats of mass deportation. Clinton has also laid out clear, comprehensive plans to combat ISIS; her opponent has declined to share any clear ideas about fighting the terror group. Instead, he merely stated that he will “bomb the hell” out of the Islamic State.

As written in our mission statement, Deerfield “prepares students for leadership in a rapidly changing world.” Deerfield students learn skills and develop connections that prepare us to have a voice for positive change the world. If we want to carry Deerfield’s values into the world, the world should be an accepting place. Hillary Clinton can and will make that happen. Her opponent cannot.