We’re With Her

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  1. My word. As a conservative, I’m not particularly happy about the Trump nomination. But really, it’s apparent that Hillary (and the liberals) really don’t like or respect most of the people in the Country and that they consider the Constitution to be an impediment to promoting their Progressive agenda. And it’s particularly disturbing that they can condemn (justifiably) Trump’s caddish behavior while giving Bill Clinton a pass (and Hillary’s support thereof).
    Right now, this country is becoming a banana republic. You can’t name a federal agency that hasn’t been corrupted. Say what you want about Trump, there’s hope he’ll clean out the dung.
    Hillary is utterly corrupt and owes bad guys more favors than we can even imagine. She has and will sell out the country. In the Benghazi affair she displayed abrogation of responsibility and dereliction of duty and spent those critical hours trying to figure out a good cover story.
    So go ahead – worry about crass talk. But really, the country is at risk.
    PS – after this I fully expect to be deleted from the DA mailing list

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