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New Dean of Admissions: Chip Davis
Dani Michelson '17 Staff Writer
May 25, 2016

At the end of this academic school year, Mr. Chip Davis will be stepping down from his position as Athletic Director. Mr. Davis has held this position for ten years, and says that he feels “no regrets about the timing or the number of years I have been Athletic Director.” Doing what he thought best for Deerfield’s athletic program, Mr. Davis has both maintained crucial parts of the status quo and made significant changes within the department.

Chip DavisOne thing that he maintained in the interest of Deerfield athletics is the number of sports teams available for students and faculty. Mr. Davis explained that adding more teams would only create thinner rosters because of Deerfield’s limited population size. He also noticed the trend of student athletes taking off-seasons in order to specialize in only one or two sports, something that would also create smaller rosters.

Mr. Davis has also taken charge in implementing change for Deerfield’s student athletes. One significant change was the increased school spirit pertaining to sub-varsity awards. He said that he takes particular pride “when sub-varsity athletes receive resounding applause at the athletic award school meetings.” He feels Deerfield athletics has created a more inclusive environment over the years for all athletes, not just Varsity players. The department has also recently created projects to construct new athletic facilities over the next two years.

As Mr. Davis concludes his final year as Athletic Director, he will also be stepping up as the new Admissions Director. With the recent departure of former Director of Admission Ms. Stafford’s, Mr. Davis commented that “the timing of the offer came as a surprise to me, and everything has transpired in May.”

Although he has already served several years on the admissions committee, he thinks that his new position “is far more comprehensive” than he is used to. However, he does feel quite ready for the challenge; Mr Davis said that “I’m looking forward to working with the great team of colleagues in the office and am confident I can be a quick study in learning the operation in order to lead it.”

Unlike his former position as Athletic Director, his new position will be a full time job. Thus, he will no longer be teaching economics. “I am sad about [leaving economics],” Mr Davis commented. “I’ve taught the course for 22 years. However, the new opportunity affords me a healthy challenge, so I can justify the loss of the economics classes.” He will also give up coaching football, but will remain as the lacrosse coach for future years.

Next fall, Mr. Bob Howe, current Athletic Director of Loomis Chaffee, will be in charge of athletic department. Unlike Mr. Davis, Mr. Howe will be a full time Athletic Director. Mr. Davis believes this to be an exciting move for the department because “the expectations and responsibilities [of the athletic director] have broadened.”

Mr. Davis has provided 10 years of leadership for Deerfield Athletics; he is confident in Mr. Howe’s abilities to pick up where he left off, and is ready to take on his new position in the Admissions office.