Challenging Tradition

3 thoughts on “Challenging Tradition”

  1. Get rid of Captain Deerfield and embrace the tradition of the school. There was no concern about race or anything else before its creation. Everyone was a Deerfield student and felt it, knew it. It was something special. Creating “characters” like Captain Deerfield just create more social problems. Embrace the school and its traditions and the spirit will come out before you lose them. And quit using a character such as Captain Deerfield to promote social awareness. The students are socially aware on their own.

  2. Back in the day when the Czar and BVL were trolling for SYTs, DA stood for ruthless competition in the social and sports arenas. The academics were ‘meh’ to the point that we chanted “we’d rather be rowdy than be on cum laude.” Put the Captain Deerfield suit in the middle of the big lawn by the Williams house and let the one willing to do what he must demonstrate his worthiness by retaining possession of the suit at the end of the competition. It’s like they don’t read Lord of the Flies there any longer.

  3. Get back to the basics that Frank Boyden expoused that made this school great. Rigorous academics, competitive athletics, comraderie through a spartan yet social lifestyle. The spirit will come through. Social concerns have made Deerfield Become a mere shadow of itself.

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