Captain Deerfield: Bringing Back the Old, Bringing In the New

3 thoughts on “Captain Deerfield: Bringing Back the Old, Bringing In the New”

  1. School spirit comes from within and not from a figure created for that purpose. When you create a character to in order to embody the school spirit, it becomes more of a social issue than for what it’s purpose should be. Already there are concerns about the gender and race of the character and it should not be that way. School spirit is as individual as each person. Deerfield never needed a “mascot” in the past to create its own comraderie among students. The students themselves knew the privilege of attending this school and did not need anything or anyone to push that. It created a comraderie on itself, passed down from each successive class through the experiences and traditions of the school. To create a character in order to “gin up” school spirit and support takes away from that. School spirit never had to be pushed by a character in the past, it was felt from within. Creating a character like “Captain Deerfield” only creates more of a social problem. What if the next captain Deerfield isn’t as good, or better? What if students don’t rally around a certain individual as Captain Deerfield? What if gender or race become an issue of support for Captain Deerfield? Will you next have to have a Captain Deerfield that is from a particular religion? Maybe you should have a Captain Deerfield for every gender, race, religion and sexual orientation in order to be fair and all inclusive to the student body. Leave school spirit wear it should be and always has been, within the students themselves and not wrapped up in a figure such as Captain Deerfield. In my opinion, it takes away something important and internal from each student, their own individual connection of spirit to the school.

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