When One Suffers, We All Do: Muslim Students Speak Up

2 thoughts on “When One Suffers, We All Do: Muslim Students Speak Up”

  1. All if this is well and good as far as it goes, rudeness is rarely the mark of an educated mind. That said, I wonder if sometimes well educated muslims aren’t too quick to dismiss concerns about islam as simply confusion or ignorance. It is of course true that very few muslims would ever consider committing an act of terror. However, in places like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia non-muslims are frequently the victims of horrible crimes carried out not by organized terrorist cells but by villagers and the state. While it may be true that throughout much of its history islam, especially as it was practiced in the otoman empire was able to peacefully coexist with other faiths, today the influence of the strict wahabist form of sunni islam is widely felt throughout the world. I am not sure it is rhetorically definsible to say that this does not represent the “true” nature of the faith. What is the faith if not the teachings of its imams and the practices of its faithful? Ultimately my point is simply that when muslims ask for greater tolerance and civility in the west they first acknowledge the widespread problems that have crept into the faith. Doing so prevents the audience from getting distracted by the obvious straw man “we are not all terrorists” and allows it to focus on the overarching reality that all persons are deserving of respect.

  2. Just remember, it was Muslims that brought the World Trade Center down. It is Muslims that behead Christians, Jews, and other Muslims. It is Muslims that are the focal point of terror in the world. This religion has been the driving force for terror for decades. Do you think that any westerner would receive any different treatment in an Arab country? The US has always been a tolerant country. There will always be ignorant individuals in any country. Just remember, you are going to school in a country that was attacked by Muslims. Maybe you should keep this in mind and try to educate those around you. That will go much further in forwarding relations than expecting the school or community to wantonly embrace you.

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