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FCFC: Offseason Rigor
Jillian Carroll '18 Associate Editor
April 27, 2016

Across Western Massachusetts, the Franklin County Football Club (FCFC) has brought together student athletes of all ages to compete in interscholastic soccer. Founded in 2008, the club is directed by Artie Burke and our very own Jan Flaska, who has been involved with the organization for eight years. The club operates in the soccer offseason throughout the winter and spring terms, practicing and preparing for competition that occurs during April and May in its nine-week season. Mr. Flaska is a big advoca
e of FCFC because it is “when more jv and varsity soccer players are playing for FCFC, we are a better team in the fall.  When fewer players are playing for FCFC, we are a lesser team in the fall.”


For many athletes, especially Deerfield students, having the chance to continue offseason play is very beneficial. Using indoor facilities in the winter and the Fair Family Field in the spring, FCFC  “not only allows a player to maintain their level of play, but to improve it,” says Alex Platt ‘18. He also commented that his his “experience has been great – the coaching is strong, the players are skilled, and the competition is phenomenal, allowing [him] to continue to improve throughout the year.”

As with many other club teams, there is a huge time commitment that has to be weaved into an already busy Deerfield schedule: throughout the winter, practice is held on Tuesday and Friday nights and also on Sunday afternoons. Spring practices are held on Wednesday and Friday nights on the Fair Family Field behind the Koch Center. All games are held on Sundays, with Deerfield serving as the home field. Felicius Bucyukndi ‘16 shared that “sometimes it gets tiring, having track practice from 3:45 to 4:45 then again having another practice from 6-7:30, but it’s for the love of the game. And I think that’s why we do it.”

The club offers athletes four age groups: Under 10 Boys, Under 12 Boys, Under 17 Boys, and Under 18/19 Boys. In the past few seasons, the club has not had any girls teams due to the lack of interest. The directors and coaches are hopeful that as FCFC grows in popularity throughout western Massachusetts, there will be increased interest and participation from all age levels, especially the girls.

FCFC has inexpensive fees for student athletes. Players receive excellent coaching, a chance to stay fit, and enjoy the satisfaction of being a dual-sport athlete in a single season. Students who wish to get involved may contact Mr. Flaska or any of the other coaches at FCFC by visiting or because of FCFC’s close proximity, you can walk to practice and join them!