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Exchange Student: Sarah Jungblut
Maya Hart '18 Staff Writer
April 27, 2016

On March 28, Sarah Jungblut ‘18 arrived on campus through the Deerfield student exchange program from the Schule Schloss Salem School in the Lake of Constance, Germany.

“I wanted to participate in this program especially to improve my English,” said Sarah. She added, “I also wanted to get to know a different schooling system…and gain exposure to American culture.”

foreign exchange

With the help of the Deerfield community, as well as English teacher and a coordinator of Deerfield’s exchange program, Ms. Anna Steim, Jungblut hopes to have a smooth transition into daily life at DA.

“The program is based out of our relationship with other Round Square schools,” said Ms. Steim, “and is generated by Deerfield student interest, because we want it to be a genuine two-way exchange.”

Every year, Deerfield hosts three to four incoming students and sends one away through the student exchange program.

Jungblut was born in Starnberg, near Munich. She said she has noticed particular nuances of American culture, including “the openness of Americans and, of course, the food, which is completely different [than the food] in Germany.”

She noted another major difference between the school system at Deerfield and that of her school in Germany. “In 10th grade, you can’t choose your subjects,” she said. “You also just stay in one classroom with the same people, and the teachers come to you for every different subject.”

With a newfound passion for sports, Jungblut is playing recreational tennis this spring. “I really like the huge emphasis on co-curriculars,” she said, “at Salem you can choose your after-school activities, but you don’t have one you’re doing everyday, like at DA. It’s really fun for me to be able to get outside and play tennis every day after school.”

Not only has Jungblut benefitted from Deerfield, but Deerfield will also benefit from hosting her; through interactions in the dorm, at sit-down meals or even in short passing conversations between classes, Deerfield students learn more about her culture.

Jungblut said she plans to take full advantage of the opportunity to participate in the exchange program; she is already finding herself soaking in all Deerfield has to offer before she returns to Germany at the end of the term.