Deerfield Begins Transgender Discussion

2 thoughts on “Deerfield Begins Transgender Discussion”

  1. This makes me long for the days of Frank Boyden and the all boys school at Deerfield Academy where gender identity was not a problem. Where a Spartan atmosphere of rigorous academics and mandatory athletics, coupled with the social norms of the day, were the foundation of the school. Each prospective student knew exactly what to expect from the school and what was expected of them. I truly believe that the change to a coeducational student body opened up a great number of social problems that would not be present today had the school maintained the standards that Frank Boyden set. If someone has trouble identifying which gender they feel comfortable with, they need serious therapy and not use the school for their social experimental grounds. I am sympathetic to anyone who has problems of any kind, but those problems should be dealt with in a private manner, not drudged out in front of the school. The school should treat every student equally upon merits and performance, period. It, nor the students, be compelled to treat anyone specially or differently, regardless. It is unfortunate that in the name of diversity and political correctness that the school had to sacrifice its identity.

  2. I am embarrassed Jon’s comment has been unchallenged for so long, and my apologies to all who have read it left this way. In no way does this represent so many of us who attended Deerfield Academy. While it is true that as teenagers we may have said and done foolish things (Reagan was in office!); it is outrageous that as fully fledged adults, in 2016, we cannot conceive that there are, and were, students struggling with their identities.

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