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Letter From The Editor
Bella Hutchins '16 Editor-in-Chief
February 3, 2016

Dear Reader,

Our lead story for this issue focuses on sexual assault cases involving students and teachers at DA that occurred several years ago. I feel the utmost grief and sympathy for the victims in these cases, and I offer my sincere hope that they can find a way to heal.

Incidents of sexual abuse are traumatic and tragic, yet a school like DA can also be a place of wonderful relationships between students and teachers.

Appropriately close student-teacher relationships can impact a student in countless positive ways, and I hope that learning about incidents such as those that occurred at DA in the 1980s do not deter students from seeking out adults in the community in whom they can find a friend. It’s worth noting the political, social, and most of all, moral perspectives that some of my teachers here, such as Ms. Friends and Mr. Henry, have taught me, whether that be in or outside of the classroom setting.

From Ms. Friends, I’ve learned patience, confidence, and forgiveness. From Mr. Henry, compassion, concern for others, and resilience. I urge you, reader, to seek out relationships like these, because I believe they are a crucial part of the Deerfield experience. I know that a few teachers here at DA have pushed me to question my views and to think hard about what I support and what I stand for; for that, I am immeasurably grateful.

Despite how lucky I feel to have had such influential teachers, it is important that we keep those who have had difficult experiences with their teachers, either here or elsewhere, in our thoughts and prayers.

All the best,

Bella Hutchins