“It Is Only A Matter Of Equality”

1 thought on ““It Is Only A Matter Of Equality””

  1. This is ridiculous. Deerfield, and society in general, is getting overly politically correct. People who are LBGTQ represent a fractional minority of the school and the population in general. To require any institution to hire personnel just to satisfy a few people is the wrong thing to do. I am all for social tolerance, but it is a two-way street. As a very distinct minority, people who are LBGTQ, or any minority, should understand this and accept it. Schools, businesses, and any other institution should be able to hire the most qualified people they want without the stigma of offending any individual or group. You also have the right to attend other institutions if you do not like it. You will always find people who will either accept you for who you are, or will not. That happens with all people, minority or not.

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