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DAFC Serves Up Change
Maya Hart '18 Staff Writer
February 3, 2016

Many students consider The Deerfield Food Committee notoriously ineffective in improving the food at DA. Within the past year, however, the DAFC has managed to make changes that the community has greeted enthusiastically.

Elizabeth Swindell
Elizabeth Swindell

Currently, the committee is working on having panckes in the Greer on Sunday afternoons, avocados in the Koch, Greek tart frozen yogurt and falafel in the Greer, and better Dining Hall burgers.

Along with these ideas-in-progress, the DAFC has already made several changes this year. They have brought “naughty cereal,” like Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms, to some Sunday brunches, Greer iced chais to the Koch, strawberry to-go cups and avocados to the Greer, and waffles and bacon back to breakfast.

The process of approving proposals can be difficult. “Making everyone happy and having such a tight food schedule are two huge factors in the challenges we face; you have to give something up to make room for something new,” explained Head of Food Committee Katherine Goguen ’16.

Director of Food Services  Mr. Michael McCarthy and Assitant Director, Brad Woodward lead the team of students and  communicate directly with the kitchen and cafés. Mr. McCarthy noted that in recent years, “Students are notably more knowledgeable about food.” He also explained that DAFC and the dining hall “strive to achieve a balance between… traditional DA foods, like chicken pot pie and apple crisp, while introducing new menu items such as the Greek chicken and pumpkin cake.”

Food Committee members continue to stress the importance of student feedback, which helps improve the overall dining experience at Deerfield.