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Athlete Of The Issue: Winslow Robinson
Alli Norris '18 Staff Writer
December 9, 2015

Meet the athlete of the issue – Winslow Robinson ’16, a post-graduate from Tallahassee, Florida, who identifies himself as a high-level football player but is also a very skilled wrestler.  Robinson is already an AAU All American wrestler, a two time state qualifier, and among the top eight wrestlers in Florida.

Valerie Ma
Valerie Ma

Varsity Wrestling Coach Mr. Mark Scandling commented, “Winslow will add physical and mental toughness to our young squad. He understands the demands of competing at a high level in dual meets and tournaments.”

Robinson was an All-Area Champion each year during his high school wrestling career and was the first person to achieve this accomplishment. However, wrestling was not his first sport. Robinson has been playing football since he was six years old. “It was my first love,” he said. He began wrestling as a freshman when his football coaches recommended the sport to him because of his strength and athleticism.

In past wrestling seasons, Robinson has dieted to drop his weight and become  stronger in comparison to other members of his weight class. By maintaining a strict diet of egg whites for breakfast, yogurt for lunch, and fish (with no salt) for dinner, he lost 30 pounds during last year’s season. He remembers feeling “really irritable and more tired throughout the day” but he was still successful on the mat.

After his season concluded, Robinson quickly gained back the lost weight. However, he does not plan to do this again this year. Coach Scandling agreed, commenting, “As much as possible, we try to ask the wrestlers to compete at weight classes near their natural weights. The days of serious weight loss are behind us.”

Robinson’s goals for the season are to place in the New England tournament and even make it to Nationals. He is most excited to “get a chance to wrestle in other states and against other kids.” The biggest challenge Robinson faces during wrestling season is “making sure he is in good enough shape to last as long as he has to on the mat.”

Coach Scandling confirmed that Robinson “will likely be able compete for a title in the Class A and New England Tournaments.” He explained, “The National Preps will offer an opportunity to test himself against some highly regarded wrestlers from around the country.”

Wrestling has one home match this year, on January 9th, and Robinson believes that he “wrestles his best when he has fans watching.”