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Meet the Mellow-D’s and Rhapso-D’s
Yasmine Deswandhy '16 Senior Writer
October 28, 2015

Q:  Who can hold the highest note?
Everyone: Penelope!

Q:  How long does it usually take to prepare a song?
Justin Hsu ’16: It usually takes us about three weeks, depending on the level of difficulty of the song. I’m confident about our group this year, though. We have a lot of talented musicians who know what they’re doing, so we’re a lot more efficient during practices.

The Mellow-Ds and Rhapso-Ds strike a pose in the concert hall. Photo Credit: Hae June Lee
The Mellow-Ds and Rhapso-Ds strike a pose in the concert hall. Photo Credit: Hae June Lee

Q: What are your first impressions of the new singers?
Punisa Lekovic ’19 : There’s this one freshman I’ve heard about who is literally the coolest guy on campus. His name is Punisa or something…ladies love him. He’s the man.

Q: Do you think the Rhapso-Ds and Mellow-Ds will ever do a piece together again?
Helena Tebeau ’17: I had a dream we did a High School Musical medley, so I hope that happens with the boys. Probably won’t.
Liam Jeon ’17: I think that the Rs and Ms definitely will do a performance. It’s so much fun working with them (even if we’re way better).
Juan Cabrera ’16: Absolutely. In fact, we already have plans to.

Q:  Who are some of your musical inspirations?
Kento Yamamoto ’16 : As a beatboxer, I admire Gene Shinozaki, Beatbox champion of 2015 from Boston. He won this year by creating his own style of beatboxing. I aspire to be as good as him.
Hollin Hanau ’18: To be honest, Taylor Swift.
Kate Hadley ’17: Yeezy.
Juan Cabrera: Yoncé and Jasmine Sullivan.
Anna Scott ’18: Christie Jok.

Q:  What is your favorite piece that your group has performed?
Penelope Hough ’17: “Feeling Good” (Cat Wyatt is a legit goddess).
Helen Hicks ’18: Every song we’re about to nail!