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Letter From The Editor
Bella Hutchins '16 Editor-In-Chief
October 28, 2015

Dear Reader,

I first heard about the proposed NED pipeline last spring, when I saw a headline for a piece about it on the Scroll website. I didn’t even delve into the article and brushed off the topic immediately. I didn’t think of it again until this fall, after a conversation with Mr. Henry. After conducting extensive research for two weeks on the pipeline, speaking with different residents of the Pocumtuk Valley, reading legal transcripts, and researching online, I’ve come to realize just how ignorant I was last spring. I am disappointed in myself for not taking the time to even learn what was going on and am embarrassed by my lack of understanding of it. Last spring, when I thought of a pipeline, I thought of a pipe as small as the ones running through the ceilings of our dorm rooms.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve come to realize that the majority of students and faculty on campus still don’t know that a pipeline that would be visible and audible from DA could be in the ground in 2018 . As residents of the Pocumtuk Valley, I find it our responsibility to be informed about what’s going on in this community, and urge you all to take the time to learn a bit about what could be a colossal change in New England. I, personally, stand firmly against the pipeline; however, my goal in writing this letter is not to convince you to agree with me, but rather to push you to learn enough about the pipeline to make an informed opinion. Knowledge is power.

I’d like to acknowledge that this issue of The Scroll addresses a lot of controversial topics on campus, that either have been heavily discussed, or haven’t been talked about enough. I want to be clear in saying that the goal of this issue is not to be a platform for cynicism, but rather a platform for students (and faculty) to feel comfortable sharing their opinions. Just as I stated in my first “Letter From The Editor,” my goal while heading The Scroll is to present something real. 

Bella Hutchins