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To The New And Returning Students
The Editorial Board
September 16, 2015

To the new students on campus, we’re excited to welcome you into the family that is Deerfield. You provide the great energy that comes with fresh starts in life. Here at The Scroll, we believe that Deerfield’s community is the way that it is because of the students who take chances, so we urge you to do just that. Though it sounds clichéd, if you talk to the majority of returning students, they will tell you they’ve developed an unexpected interest, made unexpected friends, and developed countless unexpected perspectives since they arrived at DA. That’s the way our community works, so take advantage of it.

To returning students, The Scroll board urges you to have the same positive outlook as the new students this year.  We know returning students want to change Deerfield for the better, so we urge them to lean away from cynicism and more towards making a positive impact on campus. Although this is not your first year at Deerfield, you are in a new chapter of your Deerfield career. Take advantage of that and greet this year with a new perspective.

So to all students—new and returning—we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors this school year. Be grateful, be kind, and be eager. We believe in you!