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Letter From The Editor
Bella Hutchins '16 Editor-in-Chief
May 20, 2015

Dear Reader,

This past month at Deerfield has been one of frustration, excitement and change around campus. Most of all, this month has been one of growth, for the students, the faculty and the Deerfield community as a whole.

When students and teachers participated in Saving by Shaving, we saw Deerfield in all its glory. After the new DC policy for drug and alcohol violations took effect, the Deerfield Day of Reflection emphasized a true unity throughout this campus.

A new confidence among students to speak up emerged from this day of reflection: I strongly urge students to hold on to this assertiveness, as it introduces a new power for the students—a power that gives us the ability to effect change.

The administration’s decision to change the DC policy back to its original state, which Dr. Curtis announced at sit-down lunch last week, seemed to disturb the sense of calm that had settled on campus. It did, however, spark further debate and engagement.

I know that confusion and perhaps exasperation with the administration have reached certain heights. I encourage students to channel this energy into assserting their newfound voice and sense of power. A community isn’t a community if each part isn’t willing to speak up, so make your voice heard.

With all that has happened on campus recently, I recognize the difficulty students and teachers alike have had to find time to take a moment to recognize the events occurring outside of the Pocumtuck Valley.But I urge you, reader, to recognize the dire destruction and hardship that Nepal is facing after two enormous earthquakes.

To the teachers whose faces we will not see back on campus next fall, I wish you luck. I’d like to extend a special thanks to Ms. Fan, one of our two beloved Scroll advisors, whom the Scroll board will greatly miss. I am in awe of her endless optimism and sagacity, and I know that she will continue to inspire the people around her wherever she may go.

Finally, allow me to extend my gratitude to the Class of 2015 for all their contributions to the Academy over the past four years. Their class is one full of hope and spirit: I am grateful for the positive influences they have had on the entire student body during their time here. Class of 2015, I wish you well, and I hope that you carry with you the vibrant spirit and fierce diligence and dedication that Deerfield has cultivated.

To both the departing students and faculty, you will be greatly missed. Know that you always have a home here at the Academy. I wish you all the best of luck, though I know you won’t be needing it.


Bella Hutchins