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Deerfield’s Recruited Senior Athletes
Nia Goodridge '17, Camille Moeckel '16, Vaish Gajaraj '17 , Ethan Thayumanavan '16 Associate Editors and Nicholas Conzelman '16 Staff Writer
May 20, 2015

Claire Collins ’15, captain of girls varsity crew, will continue her rowing career at Princeton University next year. Collins hopes to make the first boat and to place in the NCAA Division I Rowing Championships. Descibing her love for the sport, Collins explained, “I like being able to push myself to limits I didn’t know existed.” Collins values how every member of the team pushes each other to improve and commented, “I’ve learned a lot from my teammates, and I think it’s really special that people are committed to making themselves and each other better… commitment to excellence is a big part of what makes rowing at Deerfield great.”

Conor Sullivan will play water polo at the U.S. Naval Academy next year. He described his favorite memory at DA, when the water polo team beat Exeter “in a double OT thriller at home.” He explained, “It was so exciting to be a part of, and a great game to play in. The crowd was loud, we made some key plays on the remaining seconds of the match to send it into overtime where we fought hard and came out with a big win.” Sullivan hopes to become a leader on the Naval Academy’s team by his senior year and to compete in the NCAA Final Four.

Next year, Eileen Russell will join the crew team at Williams College. Last summer, Russell and the four other members of the first boat won gold at the Youth National Championships in Sacramento, California, beating the runner-up boat by five seconds. Russell explained that she loved the sisterhood and the tight community of students, teachers and parents that grew around the team. According to Russell, crew taught her grit and resilience, important on and off the water. She will miss the amazing teachers who “don’t always get the credit they deserve for all the work they put in.”

Brad Davis will play lacrosse at Ithaca College next year. His favorite memory from his time at Deerfield is winning the league championship his sophomore and junior year. At Ithaca, Brad wants “to win a DIII national championship” and to contribute to the team his freshman year and on. Davis looked back on his experience playing lacrosse at Deerfield, saying, “I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play lacrosse for my dad the last three years, and play with my brother Brian this past year. My three years of playing Deerfield varsity lacrosse have taught me life lessons that I’ll carry with me throughout college and the rest of my life.”

Andrew Bowman will play lacrosse at Princeton University for the class of 2020. Next year, Bowman will head to Exeter as a post graduate. His favorite memories of playing lacrosse at Deerfield are beating Brunswick his junior and senior years. “Both games were very close, and there’s not a better feeling than beating Brunswick both home and away,” he said. In college, he hopes to adjust to the speed of college lacrosse quickly and contribute to the team his freshman year. Bowman said of the DA boys lacrosse team, “Athletically, I’ve never had a better group of guys and coaches who have invested as much time into the game as they do. It’s easy to play well when everyone on the team is unselfish and plays for each other.”

JC Pardo will play lacrosse at Bowdoin College next year. His fondest memory from Deerfield athletics is playing JV basketball his sophomore year. At Bowdoin, Pardo hopes to stay healthy during the season, so he can compete well.

Lucy Lytle will play field hockey at Boston College next year. Her favorite memory playing sports at Deerfield is beating Choate in overtime this fall. In college, she hopes to elevate her level of play, while also taking advantage of the other opportunities that BC has to offer.

Ben Garfinkel will play lacrosse at Amherst College next year. His favorite memory from his time playing lacrosse at Deerfield is beating Brunswick this year. Garfinkle hopes to win a New England Small College Athletic Conference championship during his time at Amherst.

Chris Roussos will playlacrosse at Colorado College next year. His favorite memory from playing sports at Deerfield is the annual run to Boyden’s grave. In college, Roussos hopes to work hard and succeed both in the classroom and on the field.

Matt Kane will play lacrosse at Colgate University next year. His favorite Deerfield sports memory was beating Brunswick this year.

Katherine Jackson was captain of the girls varsity hockey team at Deerfield and will continue to play next year at Middlebury College. Jackson stated, “I hope to be able to make an impact on the team. I know coming in as a freshman you have to work harder, because you’re new, and trying to find your spot.” Although Jackson looks forward to Middlebury, she will miss how “even though the whole [Deerfield] team played different sports, and even though hockey wasn’t the main sport for all, we were able to come together and play well as a hockey team.” She also mentioned, “The best thing about playing hockey here is the people you meet… the people on the team are my best friends.”

Henry Sanford is headed to Darmouth College next year to row crew. Sanford began to prioritize crew his junior year under coach Jeff Bond. That year, Sanford was put in the first boat, which he helped lead to a win at New Englands and to a third place finish at Youth Nationals. Although he is not rowing this season due to a hip fracture, Sanford looks forward next year to Dartmouth, where he is excited to experience boarding life, learn from one of the most exceptional institutions in the world and form connections with other students who share his passion for learning and hard work.

Sam Morse will run cross country next year at Connecticut College. Her favorite memory from her time at Deerfield is last year, when the girls varsity cross–country team won New Englands. “We went undefeated all season and really came together as a team during the championship race. We only beat the second place finisher by five points!” Morse hopes to remain healthy and strong throughout the season and run sub 19:00 every 5k race. Morse reflected on her time at Deerfield:“If it were not for the girls cross country team, I don’t know where I would be now. The girls XC team is both focused and fun. I can’t imagine my Deerfield experience without the coaches and teammates the sports here provide.”

Mercedes Fissore-O’Leary will play NCAA Division 1 soccer at Columbia University next year. Fissore-O’Leary reflected on her training, mentioning her sister, Julia, saying, “As a soccer player, no one has influenced me more than my sister has.” Her favorite memory at Deerfield is from 2012, when she scored the winning goal in a game against Loomis, ending DA’s varsity soccer team’s 20-year losing streak to them. Fissore-O’Leary looks forward to taking advantage of a new start at Colombia: “Freshman year, I want to get back to being me. Which means back to being on the ball and back to be being confident. I want to win an Ivy League championship. I want to progress far into the NCAA tournament, and most of all, I want to win.”

Harrison Lane will play lacrosse at Dartmouth College next year. Lane started playing lacrosse in third grade at his hometown lacrosse club in Hingham, Massachusetts and eventually went on to serve as captain for DA’s boys lacrosse team. At Deerfield, Lane has learned the importance of brotherhood and how vital trust and team chemistry are. “You’ve got to really rely on your team the whole way,” he commented. “These guys are your brothers.” While Lane is a bit anxious about the big transition from Deerfield to Dartmouth, he is excited to find a passion and a major he loves.

Jake Kahler will play hockey at the University of Massachusetts next year. His favorite memory playing hockey at Deerfield is a game against Cushing on 80s Night in the Barn and tying them 2-2. Jake added, “There is no better feeling than coming onto the ice after a tough period to the cheers and screams of loyal, rowdy DA fans.” In college he hopes to study business and to win a NCAA DIII hockey championship.

Max Chesky will play soccer at Connecticut College next year. His favorite memory playing as a Deerfield goalkeeper is beating Kent (a team he had not beaten in four years) 4 – 0. Max is grateful to be able to play soccer for the next four years and is excited for the new opportunities college holds.

Sam Armstrong will row crew next year at Williams College. His favorite memory from his time at Deerfield is last year, when the boys varsity crew team “swept Choate.” At Williams, he hopes for much success for him and his new teammates.

Next fall, Ryan Wolter is headed to Tufts University to play hockey. He hopes to keep up his grades while helping his team to win an NCAA Championship, which the Tufts hockey team won for the first time in 2014. Wolter remarked that the Deerfield hockey team is “in good hands next season. Beast Mode.”

After playing on varsity squash for four years, Samantha Chai will play at Princeton University next year. At Deerfield, Chai played in the number-one spot for her junior and senior years and led the team to victories as number two and number four in the nation.

Henry DeCamp will play lacrosse at Connecticut College next year. His fondest memory from lacrosse at Deerfield is “probably this year’s Brunswick game. I played well and we had a great comeback win over a very good team. And it was snowing.” In college, he hopes to have fun and figure out what he wants to do for a career. He also stated, “In the lacrosse department, I hope to win a lot of face-offs, and one or more NESCAC championships.”

Catherine Fleming will row crew at University of Virginia next year. Her favorite memory from Deerfield is making the second heat last year at New Englands: “My boat’s ranking had just dropped because of our previous race so there was a lot of pressure to make it to the second heat. We rowed an amazing first race, getting second. Being able to go to the second heat and beating our ranking was a very exciting moment for all of us.”

Alex DeVries will row crew at Brown University next year. He stated that his favorite memory from Deerfield was “either winning New Englands last year, or going to California and training for Youth Nationals, where we came in third place.” In college, he hopes to win an Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) championship. DeVries also said, I came to Deerfield trying to play hockey in college, but I tried something new, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I wouldn’t have been able to experience rowing if I hadn’t taken that risk, and now it’s taken me so far. I’m really thankful for that.”

Kevin Doyle will play hockey at Connecticut College next year. Coming in as a new sophomore at DA, Doyle has played on varsity hockey for three years. His favorite memories from playing hockey at Deerfield include the school support at 80s Night in the Barn. “There is nothing better than playing in front of a crowd like that. 80s Night at Deerfield is the best atmosphere in prep school hockey.” His major goal for college hockey is to help his team win a NESCAC championship.

Jamie Kjorlien will play squash next year at the U.S. Naval Academy. Kjorlien started playing 10 years ago and has contributed to DA’s varsity squash team for all four of his years here. Kjorlien is thankful for all of the meaningful connections and relationships he has built with the team. He attributes the deep friendships and, at times, rivalries to the strength and diversity of the group. Kjorlien’s best adivce to all Deerfield athletes is to get to know the underclassmen because they can often be the most memorable members.

Next fall, Riker Bixby is headed to MIT, where he will continue his career as a coxswain, which started here at DA his freshman year. Bixby’s most fond Deerfield crew memory was his first time racing in the New England Championships. Bixby hopes he can have as much fun on the MIT team as he did on the Deerfield one.

Phoebe Morss will run cross–country, indoor track and outdoor track at Bowdoin. Her favorite memory is singing the cheering song down Albany Road through the windows of a Green Machine after the cross country team won New Englands for the second time in a row. She added, “I ran cross–country and track here. Those teams were like family, and I am going to miss everyone so much.” At Bowdoin, Morse hopes to qualify for the NCAA championships.

Brandon Wu will play golf at Stanford University next year. Reflecting on his favorite memory of golf at DA, he said, “My sophomore and junior years we won the Andover Invitational, played at historic Newport Country Club, in record-setting fashion.” Next year will be his first opportunity to play golf year-round, and Wu hopes that with the extra playing time, his “game will really elevate.”

Maggie Savage will play lacrosse at Bowdoin College next year. Her favorite memory from Deerfield is beating Loomis 12-11 this year. “During the game, we were losing 7-2 at half-time, and came back to beat them,” she said. “At that time, they were undefeated, so it was just such an amazing win for our whole team.” While playing for Bowdoin, she hopes to raise her game to the next level. Her goals are to improve her offensive skills and be a key contributor to the team.

Blake O’Neal will join the track and field team at Connecticut College next fall. His favorite memory from Deerfield is when the crowd gave him a standing ovation when Coach Pitcher put him in for the last 30 seconds of a varsity basketball game. At Conn, O’Neal wants to use track as a way to stay busy and motivated while also focusing on his studies and preparation for life after college. A reminder to all from O’Neal: “I play for the fans; the game is just my podium.”

Katie Livingston will row crew at Wellesley College next year. Her favorite memories from Deerfield girls varisty crew are the dance parties at the boathouse with the rest of the team. Livingston said, “The one-team atmosphere, of having everyone, both novices and varsity, working together is something I’ve really loved about rowing at DA.” In college, she hopes to win a national championship with her team and to “beat Eileen Russell,” who will be rowing at Williams next year.

Matt Hrabchak will swim at the University of Virginia next year. His favorite memories from swimming at Deerfield were winning New Englands this year and getting his name up on the record board. In college, he hopes to “swim to a couple of All-American finishes” and to “achieve his full potential in the sport.” He added, “I have loved my time being on the swim team and am honored to be part of this group of guys. Through the good times and the bad, we have stuck together.”

Joey Redfearn will play lacrosse at the U.S. Air Force Academy next year. After playing lacrosse for eight years, Redfearn committed in the fall of his junior year. “My older brother started playing lacrosse when he was young,” he said, “so when I could barely walk he’d bring me out into the back yard and try and teach me how to catch and throw.”