The Future Of Deerfield: The Master Plan

1 thought on “The Future Of Deerfield: The Master Plan”

  1. I truly hope any proposed changes to the Deerfield campus does not destroy, harm, or change any of the history of the buildings or the campus. The character of the school is enshrined in these historical buildings. That is what gives this school it’s unique identity and draw. It is the link to Deerfield’s past, present, and future. To completely gut a dorm, classroom, or other facility for the sake of renovation, or to build modern or resort-style facilities will destroy the very fabric of Deerfield’s heritage. I hope this is kept in mind.

    As a sidenote, perhaps other historical buildings could be found and moved to the campus, as in the past, if additions are needed however, I would hope that the campus would not grow anymore. It takes away from the country aspect of the school and it’s heritage.

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