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Tick-Tock Goes The Deerfield Clock
The Editorial Board
February 25, 2015

In the thick of the winter it may seem like the school year is never going to end. Of all the students who long for the summer, as well as the freedom that comes with it, no one hopes for the warm weather and freedom more than the senior class.

This makes sense. After 4 years of high school, 33 final exams, at least 20 courses and countless homework assignments, projects and tests, it makes sense that seniors are looking to the future. However, sometimes students can become so wrapped up in the desire to get to the end of the race, they forget to live in the present.

Already at this point in our year, seniors will have only one more term to defeat Choate or participate on a sports team, hike to the Rock, go to a Greer dance, take a trip down the river, go to the Sugar Shack, visit a teacher’s apartment for extra help or enjoy a delicious brunch in the Dining Hall. The alumni even admit to missing sit-down meals and formal class dress. As the current seniors count down every minute till the end of the year, they should take a moment to look around and savor Deerfield one last time.

On February 22, Deerfield was excited to present its first TEDx talk. The topic-appropriately so-was time. The Scroll Board commends this community event for taking on a theme that is so relevant to all our lives. It brought a valuable topic to the front of our minds and we hope that it helped all students, not just the seniors, to remember that we will not be here forever, and our moments at Deerfield are precious.

It’s rare to find a Deerfield graduate who doesn’t miss the Academy despite the occasional snowstorm and the constant subzero temperatures in the winter. In the upcoming weeks, let’s remember how little time we truly have left.