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The Rumor Mill Goes Round And Round
The Editorial Board
February 25, 2015

Rumors frequently pervade Deerfield’s campus. Isolated from the outside world, students become preoccupied with each other’s business. Yes, gossip is a natural phenomenon, as people are eager to share stories. Recently, however, speculation and drama have undermined relationships and community spirit.

One Friday evening, a hypothetical couple X and Y exits the Greer together.

“Oh my God! Did you hear who X got with?” a witness asks a friend the next day.

That friend asks another, “Did you know X got parietals with Y? They’re together now.”

Suddenly, an uncomfortable X faces a barrage of questions and preconceived judgments. She and Y did not even kiss, but almost the entire school asks about their alleged hookup. Evidently, Deerfield students jump to often-injurious conclusions. While The Scroll recognizes the appeal of rumors as a conversation-starter, we encourage students to verify stories and evaluate consequences before spreading them.

Many resort to gossip to create drama for drama’s sake. Often bored, we capitalize on others’ shortcomings to feel good about ourselves and provoke discussion. Sometimes chatting about other people makes us feel connected. In actuality, however, we damage a close community by targeting others.

Let’s support each other with sincere, empathetic conversation.