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Letter From The Editor
Henry Cobbs '15 Editor-in-Chief
February 25, 2015

Dear Reader,

This marks the final issue for the 2014-15 Scroll Board. Firstly, I would like to thank Charlotte Allen for giving me this incredible opportunity. The challenges that I faced in this position tested my capacity for resilience and creativity and ultimately helped me to mature.

I am pleased to announce that the 2015-16 Scroll Board will be led by Editor-in-Chief Bella Hutchins and Managing Editor Brooke Horowitch. Bella, Brooke, and the rest of the 15-16 editorial board have been working incredibly hard at The Scroll for the past several years. I am confident that Bella and her team will find great success as they carry on The Scroll’s mission and further update the organization for an increasingly technology-centric world.

I am proud of the wide range of meaningful topics we covered this past year. We shed light on many controversial issues such as the renaming of the Academy’s renovated arts building, a wealthy lifetime trustee’s influence over the school, a neighboring town’s heroin addiction problem, and racial conflict and human rights. But we also took time to pause and highlight the teachers, coaches, athletes, artists and innovators that are a crucial part of our community. Moving forward, I encourage continued dialogue about all of the aforementioned topics. I believe that respectful debates and forums are fundamental to improving Deerfield.

We also made great strides overhauling The Scroll’s appearance and the way in which our content is consumed. Over the past year, I have worked with Communications and the administration to purchase newspaper racks for increased readership, to offer mail-subscriptions for parents and alumni, to refresh the look of the paper, and to expand The Scroll’s online presence through Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Thank you to Ms. Fan, Mrs. Schloat, Margaret Chappell, Katherine Chen, Garam Noh, Gordon Xiang, Michelle Kelly, Cole Faulkner, Chloe So, Jisoo Ryu and Charlie Ughetta for your loyalty and initiative. I certainly would not have been able to realize my vision for the paper without all of your enthusiasm and work.

All the best,