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In Praise Of Dialogue
The Editorial Board
January 28, 2015

The Scroll commends Deerfield’s administration for considering and embracing student opinions regarding recent school decisions. This year, the deans have announced some (more or less) momentous changes: banning boys’ turtlenecks, allowing senior day students to drive their friends off-campus and a new dormitory configuration for next year. In all these cases they have proved open to hearing, then implementing, students’ responses and ideas.

For instance, when boys denounced the no-turtleneck policy, Ms. Creagh organized a forum, encouraging invested students to discuss the controversy. After hearing their arguments, she rescinded the rule, as long as boys pledged to respect existing dress code parameters. Throughout the process, Ms. Creagh maintained transparent dialogue with the community, a process that The Scroll applauds.

Last year the faculty voted against day students driving boarders, but recently the deans have proven more receptive to day-student driving privileges.

Finally, Ms. Creagh has established office hours to hear reactions to next year’s dormitory model. As a result, students can share their beliefs with a high-ranking Deerfield administrator, who may implement the changes they suggest. Ms. Creagh also specified plans to create advisory groups with representatives from each grade to discuss student opinions.

Increased discourse and understanding has connected previously-distant Deerfield staff members to the student body. The Scroll encourages the administration to continue their recent practices and listen to community members, particularly regarding winter dress-down Fridays. Conversely, students must remain prepared to express themselves rationally and deliberately around adults, which will foster a better school environment for all.