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2015 January
January 28, 2015
Custodian Bill
If you go to the Koch Pool after the last swim practice, you will probably run into one of the teams most devoted fans, William “Bill” Shea. Bill is the…
January 28, 2015
Students Lie Down In Die-In
On December 14, many members of the community lay down outside the Dining Hall in a “die-in.” A term unfamiliar to many, a die-in is a form of protest in…
January 28, 2015
Pro: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover
Read Con: Deerfield Dorms Get A Makeover and Deerfield’s housing announcement. After hearing Ms. Creagh’s announcement at School Meeting concerning the new dorm arrangement on campus, I was shocked by…
January 28, 2015
What’s Your Fire This Time?
When Deerfield Academy students returned from Winter Break, many noticed the black—and—white fliers featuring a simple, bold message—“The Fire This Time”—without any explanation. Director of Inclusion and Community Life Marjorie…
January 28, 2015
Administration Plans Athletic Facility Renovations
After the reconstruction of the Hess Center and revitalization of the arts programs, Deerfield is now turning its focus to athletics. Based on last year’s survey of students about facilities…
January 28, 2015
TEDx at DA
Sunday, February 22nd marks Deerfield’s first TEDxDeerfieldAcademy conference. Set to take place in the Wachsman Concert Hall from 2:00 to 5:30 pm, the event will give the community a chance…
January 28, 2015
Ellie and Judie: Dynamic Duo
Ellie Tennyson and Judy Delaney have worked together at the Louis Café since its opening in 2006. For Deerfield students, the duo has become practically synonymous with the cafe itself.…
January 28, 2015
School Shuts Down Trips To D.C. and New York
While a bus ride from Deerfield Academy to New York City takes approximately four hours, controversial social happenings take only an instant to spark discussions among Deerfield students. Yet for…
January 28, 2015
Artist of the Issue: Chloe So ’15
Four-year senior Chloe So developed a passion for art at a very young age. Her parents enrolled her in classes ranging from baby arts and crafts, to Chinese paintings, to…