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Big Green Aims For The Silver Screen
Helena Tebeau '17 Staff Writer
December 17, 2014

Over 25 Deerfield students have begun filming Novacane {sic}, with the ambitious goals of screening it at film festivals. Written and directed by Dane Scott ’16, the movie centers on teenager Charlie and her spiral into a life of crime as she searches for answers concerning her mother and brother’s deaths. The movie is being filmed mostly on campus, with select scenes in the surrounding area.

ScottAuditions for roles in the film were held during fall term. Tia Jonsson ’16 leads the company as Charlie, alongside Dorie Magowan ’15, Sami Habel ’16, Lucas Tupinamba ’16, Healy Knight ’16, Nico Williamson ’15 and Katherine Goguen ’16. Besides the cast, many students have taken on jobs behind the camera. With three producers, a set manager, director of photography, associate producers, a composer, cinematography associates, fashion correspondents and more, the project holds many opportunities for students to showcase their talents in different artistic areas.

Scott said, “I wanted to take a group of teenagers who lost that fight [maintaining their identities] and caved in to this tempting search for a good life, regardless of the bad things they had to do to achieve that lifestyle.”

​Jonsson added, “[The movie] will address issues like drug abuse, relationships, economic status and sexual identity, among other things.”

​Over time, Scott’s script has “changed significantly in order to accommodate some amazing talent.”

He emphasizes creating characters that match the personalities of the actors, which he accomplished through conversations he had with them and the producers.

​Although the film is predominantly student run, Scott is thankful for the help and support he is receiving from Visual and Performing Arts teacher Tim Trelease, the project supervisor, and Theater Director Catriona Hynds.

Dane explained his ultimate purpose, “I think the goal in telling any story is to have it be experienced by everyone who is interested in hearing it, and that’s what we hope to accomplish.”