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The Dining Hall Steps It Up
The Editorial Board
October 15, 2014

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of students waking up early to get a bite at breakfast, and we think we know why. The new yogurt and fruit bar offers us the tastiest range of tropical and citrus fruits. Its positioning in the front and center of the dining hall makes it more accessible. Now we will never forget to have our daily two servings of fruit. The new homemade granola is delicious. Breakfast options are also constantly changing, so we never get bored. In addition, the Dining Hall has rethought our daily meal plans so that we have a more balanced and healthy diet.

Second, the Dining Hall is now supporting even more Deerfield and Franklin County farmers. Not only are the locally grown meals we have here delicious, but they are also benefiting our neighbors. It is gratifying to know that many of the foods we are eating are fresh and have not travelled thousands of miles to get to our plates.

The Dining Hall also bleeds green, having improved its composting and food-waste reduction efforts this year. Excess food is transported to Greenfield for use at the Second Helpings program and the local Food Bank. It is great to see the Dining Hall share the food, and the love, with the larger community.

The school greatly appreciates the Dining Hall crew’s effort in making our daily lives at Deerfield fuller and healthier. They remind us that especially because of the crazy pace of life here at Deerfield, we need to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and staying healthy. Here at The Scroll, we know that good food makes for happy students.