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Letter To The Editor
Keith Finan
October 15, 2014

Dear Editor,

I write to elaborate on the article, “Land Acquisitions Upset Locals”, in the October 15th edition of the Deerfield Scroll. The Academy, like non-profits and educational institutions across the country, benefits from tax-exempt status for many of its properties. But looking at tax status alone provides an incomplete picture of the role we play in the community.

In addition to voluntary financial contributions, the Academy provides significant expertise and manpower to projects throughout the town and local community—building ball fields, assisting with information technology, and even helping with construction and infrastructure work. Students engage in hundreds of community service projects each year, and employees contribute generously to local causes. The Academy, like other schools and colleges in the area, often provides matching funds to these efforts.

Spending power matters too: we hire local businesses whenever we can, and much of our food comes from local sources. Like all the boarding schools and colleges in the area, we bring thousands of visitors each year, giving quite a boost to the hotels and restaurants nearby. Perhaps most importantly, with almost 400 employees, we are one of the largest employers in the area—and we strive to be exemplary in this regard, providing excellent benefits and compensation. These are all real dollars being added to the local economy.

Keith C. Finan
Associate Head of School for Operations & CFO
Deerfield Academy