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Returning Students Reveal Embarrassing Deerfield Stories
Olivia Davis '15 and Caroline Coppinger '15 Senior Writers
September 10, 2014
Chloe So
Chloe So

Meghan Halloran ’17: “I was struggling to carry my heavy backpack, hockey bag and sticks [into the gym]. Walking by the seal, I suddenly slipped and fell, and all of my bags came down with me. My sticks knocked over the ropes surrounding the seal and my bag ended up right on top of it. As I started to get up, I accidentally put my hand on the seal, so I was forced to kiss its dirty surface. A group of senior boys walked out of the Greer just in time to witness me kissing it.”

Samantha Chai ’15: “On the first day of school my freshman year, I was hanging out with a friend right before lunch during a fourth period free. I was unaware that there was a special schedule and accidentally skipped my first math class! I didn’t end up with APs. But I ultimately dropped down to a different class.”

Serena Ainslie ’16: “I was the only person walking on the path . . . or so I thought. I was looking down at my phone (sorry, Ms. Creagh) and didn’t see a patch of ice right in front of me. Next thing I knew, I was flailing my arms, but ultimately face-planted on the pavement. The only thing I could think to myself was, “Thank God no one’s around.” Just as I uttered these words, I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to see two really popular senior boys running toward me suppressing their laughter.”