Full Transcript from David Koch Interview

3 thoughts on “Full Transcript from David Koch Interview”

  1. Since Mr. Koch went to MIT after Deerfield and has many companies that utilize hard core science (toilet paper, for instance), I cannot fathom his answer to the interviewer’s question regarding global warming.

    Mr Koch “thinks the earth is warming”, “there are all kinds of opinions…” and his dad used to take him into the outdoors (to hunt on the family pond) are three ponderous replies.

    97% of expert climatologists believe the earth is warming due to anthropogenic activities. Mr Koch’s companies develop and produce up to 600,000 barrels of oil/day. They own thousands of miles of pipeline. You think he might have a vested interest in trying to stifle good science? Or that he just thinks he knows more about it than those thousands of experts?
    Mr Koch would be wise to visit his alma mater, MIT, very soon. He just might come to rely on the solid evidence of hard science.
    I wonder how a school of the stature of Deerfield can accept funding and board membership from a science denier?

    Wick Beavers

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