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Do H8rs Have to H8?
The Editorial Board
May 21, 2014

“This place sucks!”

Lately on campus, there seems to be more vocal opposition to Deerfield’s rules and traditions. The most common complaints involve sit-down meals, Disciplinary Committee decisions, late nights spent studying, and day-to-day challenges that impede students’ enjoyment of the spring.

Life at Deerfield is challenging and stressful—there is no debating that—but we at The Scroll believe this continual verbal assault of the community is unhealthy. Such verbal assaults should not be confused with constructive criticism of the school. Constructive criticism is a characteristic element of a school intent on self-improvement, a school like Deerfield. Students who simply attack, on the other hand, are irresponsible in that they’re venting without considering their impact, without offering possible solutions.

In fact, The Scroll Board believes that most of our complaints about school culture might be addressed if only these very same complainers took constructive action. For example, instead of lamenting the recent downward trend in Greer dances, pointing fingers at the “terrible music” and the the fact that “no one is there,” they might stop perpetuating the sweaty mosh-pit culture and enlist their friends to actually dance. Or sign up to DJ the next dance. Those who do not take action do not have the right to complain about the “current state of things.” Deerfield is not some abstract entity. Every single one of us makes Deerfield what it is. And we should start taking responsibility for it.