PGs : Worthy of Our Heritage?

2 thoughts on “PGs : Worthy of Our Heritage?”

  1. To Mr. or Ms. Anonymous,

    As an Alumnus and a former PG, who has always reflected on his Deerfield days with pride, I am deeply hurt by the wild accusations made in this article. For one, I don’t see any statistical data to support the sweeping generalizations made by the author of this piece, who has boldly chosen to remain anonymous. Speaking from personal experience I benefited a great deal from my time at Deerfield and I think the community as a whole did as well. To say that PGs only socialize with other PGs or members of their sports teams is an absurd and almost negligent claim with no empirical evidence to support it. At DA I cultivated relationships with individuals from all walks of life that transcended the the classical social barriers of gender, race, and social class. Your attempt to confine PG students to the stereotype of “the typical high school jock” is disgusting. What’s more, your claim that PG students are an homogenous group because many of them happen to be student athletes is equally concerning. The Deerfield admission staff prides itself on selecting candidates with a wide range of skills and interests. Members of my PG class were involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities that extended beyond the athletic field and the classroom. Overall, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous PG, your piece reflects your misunderstanding of a group that you have classified as a homogenous other. My only hope is that you recognize that your fellow PGs, both past and present, are a set of complex individuals whose backgrounds are worthy of a less narrow minded and ignorant level of analysis.


    Charles J. Bueneman ’10

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