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Letter from the Editor
Henry Cobbs '15 Editor-In-Chief
April 27, 2014

Dear Reader,

First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude to Charlotte Allen and the entire 2013-14 Scroll Board. You have transformed The Scroll into a platform for serious dialogue between students, alumni and the administration. Under your leadership, The Scroll has addressed many important issues, some of which have not painted Deerfield in a perfect light. You published articles about alliances dividing the community, gay students being discriminated against, skewed gender dynamics, tobacco usage, and more. I applaud your bravery and journalistic integrity and have to believe that Deerfield is a better place because of this.

Next, I would like to thank you, the reader. When you discuss one of our articles at a sit-down meal or amongst friends in your dormitory, you are both bringing light to issues that divide our community as well as celebrating those people who make it so special. Without your readership and interest, The Scroll would serve no purpose. The Scroll seeks to be a two-way conversation. We sincerely encourage all responses and feedback.

In an effort to increase the readership over the next year, I plan to redevelop The Scroll’s online presence and place distribution racks in various hubs on campus. Although The Scroll no longer distributes to parents and alumni, I hope that these audiences will be able to keep up with the latest articles online.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to lead the 2014- 15 Scroll Board and aspire to continue our paper’s tradition of honesty and transparency.

Henry Cobbs