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Interview with Bill O’Neil of Bill and Pete
David Darling
April 21, 2014

Bill and Pete

Why did you create Bill and Pete?

Pete and I are big fans of WEEI radio; a Boston radio sports talk show. When we heard that there was space available on the Deerfield Radio airtime, we just kind of did it.

So the show is called Bill and Pete but Carey Danforth is a co-host, elaborate?

This past spring break I went on vacation with her amongst other Deerfield students, and she told me she wanted to be a sports newscaster. So I asked her if she wanted to join the show and talk sports, that way when she got her big break, she would say that she got her start on Bill and Pete.

What are the objectives of Bill and Pete?

It’s just a fun place where people can tune in or call in, and talks about sports. Also, Pete and I are best friends so we wanted to do something as a last hooray before we leave.

Why should people tune in?

Well first, it is at study hall time and nothing else is going on. It’s fun, interactive, completely unplanned, and personally I think we are pretty funny.

Memorable or impressionable guests appearances on the show?

Trevor Yates ‘14, big time hockey captain. He was memorable because he kept composure as we bashed the Canadian National Hockey team, before the recent Winter Olympics. Sorry about that…

What is the future for Bill and Pete?

If the Deerfield Radio can keep going we will pass it down, to who is yet to be determined. We want them to be passionate, but more importantly we want Deerfield to enjoy it, and ideally we hope for it to be something that is always on the air and to become part of Deerfield.

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